A long time ago when I was a young lad I had dreams and aspirations of becoming a rock star.  Then reality set in, I got a boring mainstream job for two and a half decades and put my musical ambitions not to mention instruments aside.  Sounds harsh but for many young musicians it’s not an unfamiliar story.

Sometimes we sell our old instruments, sometimes we keep them.  Me, I put my old Pearl drum set under the stairs of our old house and mostly forgot about them.  Then we moved, I got a new staircase to put the drums under and so on. During the under the stair time, however, I did take the kit out several times, set it up, play badly, tear it down and put it back under the stairs.

I should mention that my son Tyler started to play the drums on several occasions and even played live with bands.  This is back when he was 12 and the guys he was jammin’ with were in their late teens.  He has a real knack for playing.  Now he plays guitar.  Traitor ; )   Just kidding Ty

When we moved I decided that not only would I set the drums up but actively pursue playing and improving my skills. We have a large Recreation Room in our home where I set the kit up.  I also set up our Yamaha DGX-500 keyboard, an old stereo for jammin’ to and a Mac.  The Mac is freaking cool and I fully understand why musicians tend to go Mac over PC.  The Mac handles devices you plug into it, such as MIDI and AIOC, with ease.  It seems to be made to process music.  Even with this four-year-old Mac and GarageBand, their basic edition music software, I’ve been to create some very cool things.  Ultimately I’m going to set up a small but capable home recording studio.   I’ll write about the development of the studio in a sub-section of this site.

All the great toys in the world won’t make me a better musician though and to that end I went looking for a teacher.  Fortunately for me a new school, the Silvertone Music Academy, was in the process of opening up in Collingwood.  The school was being run by local professional musicians.

What makes their approach unique from the music schools I’ve experienced is that not only do they work on teaching you how to play, they put musicians together to play in a band environment.  This saves people the hassle of having to seek out other musicians just to get a song or two in.

Silvertone also offers students the chance to come in and chat with their instructors.  This is great if you have questions about stuff outside the general lessons.  Like what gear to select for a home studio for instance.

In this section of the site I’ll update the status of what’s going on with gear, playing and musical things in general.  I hope you find some useful material.

Oh, one last thing; for those of you who, like me, stored your once beloved instrument away for years while your real-life took priority, get it out when you have a chance.  Play it.  Teach your kids how to play it.  Letting it languish is a dis-service to the instrument, you and your kids (if you’ve got ’em).  Seriously, just play.

Setting Up the New Studio


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